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Welcome to Linden Elevator Specialties, Inc. Our team specializes in servicing your hydraulic elevator’s control valves. In business since 1986, we rebuild elevator control valves: both the latest-and-greatest, and older, traditional models.

1 Valve-Rebuilds

Valve Rebuilds

Our valve rebuild consists of: 1) complete dismantling of the valve;  2) discard all soft parts;  3) pressure wash and inspection of all components;  4) reassemble valve;  5) test and adjust to  operational standards.

2 Valve-Exchange

Valve Exchange

Saves on customer down time and mechanic’s time on job.  Saves on round-trip air freight.  We’ll send you a remanufactured valve in exchange for your current one, cutting down your wait.

3 Troubleshooting


Our team at Linden Elevator provides free tech support over the phone. It doesn’t matter if it’s one of our valves or not—we’re happy to help. Call us at 208-754-4884.


4 Videos


Need help adjusting your hydraulic elevator valve? Watch our informational videos to learn what each adjustment does, and how it works.

Need help identifying your hydraulic elevator valve?

Linden Elevator services all types of valves: Maxton, EECO, and Dover/ThyssenKrupp! If you don’t know what type of valve you’re dealing with, no worries! Visit our valve identification page to find the image that matches your valve. Our Valve List Includes:

Valves We Rebuild:

  • EECO Valves
  • EECO Brass Valves
  • Dover/ThyssenKrupp Valves
  • Maxton Valves

Taking Care of You with Affordable Valve Services

At Linden Elevator, we don’t just want to fix your valves—we want to provide you with fast, quality service that you can depend on to get your elevator running at peak performance again.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our team is dedicated to providing quality rebuilds. Because of this, all of our valve rebuilds come backed with a limited lifetime warranty.


Free Consultation

Free Consultation

The experienced staff at Linden Elevator is just a phone call away! We provide free technical support to our clients for any valve problem they may have. Call us at 208-754-4884.


Overnight Service

Overnight Service

We make every effort to stock the valve you need for immediate shipping.
We perform rebuilds promptly and ship your valve back quickly with overnight service, if needed, with no rush fee charge.


Contact Us

It’s time to get expert help from the elevator valve specialists.

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